Past lives cannot be remembered directly. Past life information cannot be channeled or even simply imagined. Past life information is only available to developed and focused minds that can clearly see all the things which lie hidden in plain view.


There are a lot of misconceptions about what psychic power is. Psychic power is merely the ability to think clearly and critically. It has nothing to do with channeling, telling the future or bending spoons.

Meditation is the key to a powerful, clear and focused mind. New Age practices emphasize the extreme importance of not exceeding 30 minutes of meditation. However, it can take up to 3 hours of meditation before the mind even starts to settle down.

Even a skillful meditator requires extra knowledge and skills to make use of his/her newly focused mind.

As the mind learns to tune into new levels of consciousness, new challenges and temptations present themselves. It's very easy to be swayed by ego, spirit guides, ascended masters and even Satan, himself.

A guide who has traversed the treacherous path to awakening is, therefore, essential!

Self-proclaimed psychics, mediums, channelers etc. can be great obstacles for the unwary.

The Path of Liberation involves freeing ourselves completely from all forms of programming and mind control - both internal and external.

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