Past Lives

Past Lives are essentially dreams within dreams, but still remain potent sources of dis-ease. If clinging to a hypnotic dream state creates the present, what hidden past life traumas and events are adding to all the fun? I should point out that all past life experts rely on speculation, charisma, channeling, books, TV appearances and celebrity to promote their unsustainable theories. None of them has received ANY psychic training and very few of them could possibly understand what REAL psychic power is.

Ironically, only one man in History has shown any real aptitude in past life reading, partly because reincarnation was not of any great interest to him. His name is/was Aleister Crowley.

Do Our Past Life Counterparts Really Look Like Us?

The short answer is yes. Even when we dream, we tend to retain our original sense of self and appearance. Although appearance does play a large role at the verification stage of any soul group investigation, it plays no part in the initial stages where location is the prime focus.

To alter our physical appearance from one lifetime to the next takes great discipline. It begins with learning to manipulate the appearance of forms (and their natures) within dreams and upon the astral planes. Neglecting these things results in an unconscious process, whereby our appearance (and nature) is governed by the ancient archetypes which we created and which created us. Some people have assumed that this process involves cloning, but it is really part of the cycle known as reincarnation.